Augmented Reality

Written by Ken Johnson
What is real? Now that sounds like a question from your first college philosophy class. Remember that?

For thousands of years, “What is real?” posed problems for all sorts of thinkers from the Pharaohs to Socrates to Plato to Aristotle and to thousands of others. Today, the question burns even deeper when we introduce Augmented Reality (AR) into the equation. When we take a view of what we believe to be real and augment that view with computer generated sensory input, does the original remain real, or does the augmented input become real?

Computers perform all sorts of tasks for us today, and while most of those tasks are important, worthwhile, and recognizable, AR starts messing with our brains in ways that cause us to question everything. AR now affects areas from Literature to Architecture to Education to Navigation to Commerce, and companies know that they can change the ways consumers think about them with AR.

Rather than creating entirely new environments, companies may now graphically enhance the “real”, physical environment to present their products in any ways they choose. You want to see what your new house will look like on that tract of land you’re considering, we can add your house right to the lot. You want to “see” that new deck or that new room extension? No problem. AR can help you stand right in the middle of it all. All of a sudden, what is “real” shifts. Is what was real real, or is what is real real?! Of course, your answer depends on your perspective!

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