[ About Us ]

CLI International, stands as a recognized leader in digital marketing with the ability to combine print and Internet creative services with comprehensive data leveraging solutions.

Whether you desire to enhance your marketing efforts with a selected service or you want to overhaul your marketing strategies with a new and integrated solution, CLI brings the right tools for the job. We cover every aspect of direct marketing with dedicated professionals ensuring your success.

[ Ideation & Design ]

CLI has a complete staff of creative professionals working side by side to develop customized solutions that bring your direct marketing campaigns to fruition. Whether it's print, web, or email marketing, we've got it covered.

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[ Enterprise Email ]

CLI brings years of marketing expertise to consult with clients on how to do email both well and right. CLI employs state-of-the art software to deploy emails at rates that assure timely delivery, and our analysts help clients understand the results through detailed analysis.

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[ Digital Marketing ]

CLI's experienced e-commerce team is a leading provider of website development, design, and hosting services. By using industry-best practices, cross-discipline project teams, and the most up-to-date technologies, we improve the customer's shopping experience in ways that lead to increased online sales.

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[ Customer Acquisition & Development ]

Improve your profits with good address lists and marketing analysis customized for your unique business situation. CLI is a leader in developing models to find the most profitable customer prospects, optimizing your mailing lists for maximum deliverability, and analyzing the results.

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CLI's blend of services provides your direct marketing programs an edge for success—and helps boost your profits!

CLI brings direct marketing full circle by providing marketing analysis as the first step and as the final evaluation of every project to deliver you the best opportunity for success in the business. We deliver outstanding customer service, and where our competitors use impersonal automated processes in many areas of direct marketing, CLI's staff becomes personally involved every step of the way. Because we personally focus on the job, we do it right the first time, every time.

Our customized solutions bring a personal touch to every project, and we maintain our position of leadership by consistently developing cutting-edge, forward-thinking solutions. We led the development and integration of multi-title co-mailing, multi-buyer allocation, and source code matchbacks. The result? Increased revenue and lower mailing costs for our customers.

Though in business for many years, our solutions evolve and embrace new ideas and technology. CLI—your place for business intelligence.

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