Reduce Abandon Carts. Increase Upsells

Website owners always look for ways both to decrease abandoned carts and to increase cart values. CartStory helps meet both of those needs by building personal narratives to fit individual buyers and carts.

CartStory is an artificial intelligence enhanced tool for reducing the rate of abandoned carts while increasing your average order amount through upselling. This platform independent tool provides your customers with information seldom either easily or conveniently available.

Customers react differently to offers, products, and discounts. How can we help them decide to complete orders? CartStory provides customers with the information they need to close the deal. Customers want the best deal but do not always know they are getting it. CartStory empowers your customers to get the best deals—and help them know it—and that decreases abandoned carts, increases conversions, and increases lifetime value.

CartStory enables your shopping cart by providing valuable information needed to take advantage of promotional offers and to see recommendations about companion products. CartStory produces a convincing argument for completing the checkout process and reducing your abandoned cart rate, and you can easily integrate into your triggered email campaigns! It is simple to install and easy to use. Simply log onto our customer portal, create an account, view your customer JavaScript snippet and add it to your site, and away you go!

Empower Your Customers

With CartStory your customers will see the many benefits of their order and how it can improve, empowering them to make detailed decisions to complete the order.

Improve Conversions

Customers want to complete that order or else there wouldn’t be a cart. Help finalize it with CartStory's powerful AI.

Easy Setup & Billing

Simply create an account, log onto our customer portal and view your customer JavaScript snippet. Add the JavaScript to your site and away you go.

Uniquely Tailored to Your Customer

Every customer is different. People react differently to offers, items and discounts. But, how can we help them decide on an individual level to complete an order. We at CartStory believe it’s by giving them the information they need to close the deal. Customers want the best deal possible but don’t always know they are getting it. It’s time we empower our customers to get the best deal so that we increase lifetime value, conversions, and decrease abandoned carts.

CartStory—Intelligence working for you!