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Solve the Percentage of Revenue Puzzle

CLI understands the puzzle of marketing campaign analytics and how to accurately determine multiple campaigns' effectiveness.

CLI's Match360™ unifies campaign analysis and includes emails, catalogs, affiliates, SEO, SMO, retargeting, online ads, offline ads (billboards/magazines), social media posts, and more. Match360™ raises strategic marketing planning to a higher level.

Around for a few years, fractional matchbacks usually proved both cumbersome and high maintenance. They rely on installed allocation parameters and required daily attention to reflect the changing array of active campaigns. Match360™ approaches the task in a different way while looking deep into both your customer and your product databases to examine previous behavior. Match360™ then dynamically analyzes the revenue attribution processes of multiple campaigns and of previous customer behavior.

Match360™'s web-based reports through CLI's OneSource offer high-level executive summaries as well as the ability to drill down into the details. Analytics include reports by marketing stream and how those streams interact with each other. Customer behavior segment reports provide flexible and user-driven analysis while allowing customers to determine the variables.

unified campaign analysis system

A Match360™ Case Study

A multi-channel marketer, primarily specializing in gift merchandise found itself over-reporting without a unified system to put it all into perspective. At the time, reporting was delivered from various third-party sources who offered only fragmented views of results. This process continued to enable silos within the company. In the first quarter of 2013, the email vendor reported $675K in sales. Website reporting showed $1.2M in sales from direct to site transactions. Web Analytics also reported $1.4M generated from Search and $330k from Affiliates & Comparison shopping. Another vendor, performing a matchback to catalog, reported $1.9M matched sales. The grand total: $5.5M. However, actual total sales in 2013 1Q were $2.9M.

The need for a unified support system was critical. Having Match360™ in place allowed the ability to view the silo results alongside the bottom line. Understanding the proper contribution from each source enabled a better understanding of investments and allowed informed decisions moving forward. Search dropped from $1.4M to a bottom line of $660K. Match360™ reveals mutually supporting efforts such as Search and Catalog or Search and Email, helping to demonstrate what drives shoppers to convert