[ Ideation & Design ]

Marketing is a creative enterprise.

That's why CLI specializes in results-oriented creative services that give you the edge over your competition.


Print Design

Working closely with project managers and clients, CLI's award-winning graphic artists produce designs that sell. Whether you need catalogs or logos, direct mail or brochures, our design team delivers results consistent with your marketing goals. With fresh ideas and hundreds of satisfied customers, we deliver designs that grab customers’ attention and won't let go.

Web Design

CLI's web design and development services ensure that your websites deliver striking graphic imagery that integrates key features needed for you to succeed in today's online marketplace.

Our designers are skilled and up-to-date on the latest developments in web technology and will create and maintain a superior interaction with your audience. With a focus on function and usability, our designers lead the way to your online marketing success.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design emerged to address the problems of different screen sizes and various operating systems. Responsive design simply allows the site to respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. CLI developer specialists create responsive sites optimized for all devices and platforms.

Email Design

On target and results-driven, our email designers communicate your message by designing and formatting your emails to cut through the inbox clutter and get noticed—every time. Working closely with project managers, print designers, and copywriters, we make sure emails integrate your message and leverage marketing channels for effective and successful campaigns you can bank on.


Benefit-oriented copy is copy that sells. Creating results-driven copy for more than 15 years, CLI's copywriting staff excels at communicating your products' benefits in a style tailored to your audience. With a keen eye for a project's overall impact, the CLI copywriting team relies on years of experience to produce copy that causes your customers stop, take notice, and buy.


Our expert photographers, stylists, models, and color specialists produce dynamic, eye-catching photos that consistently exceed our clients' most rigorous expectations. Equipped with a studio incorporating the latest advances in digital and 3-D photography technology, CLI's photo team creates spectacular, cost-effective results that always hit right on the money

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360º photography

Bring your products to life online with CLI’s 360º photography.

A favorite for customers with multi-sided products, 360º photography increases customer understanding of a product prompting additional purchases and fewer returns.

The smooth scrolling presentation, assembled by our highly skilled photography staff and graphic designers, adds to the shopping experience, virtually putting the object in customers’ hands and casting your product in its best possible light.

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CLI's experienced Prepress Division saves our customers time and money. Our real-time soft proofing and approval, and our online pagination and project management systems are examples of CLI turning technical expertise into practical, efficient tools. A full range of color experts, experienced technicians, and certified engineers bring expertise to our prepress department that you will find unmatched in the industry.

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