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Personalize Your Email Campaigns

Don't you wish you could personalize your email campaigns with more than just the recipient's name?

Now you can with DynamicContent Email by CLI!

DynamicEmail by CLI allows you to build your email marketing on the fly—with different content in every email matched to different recipients based on all sorts of criteria.

For example, send an email populated with a specific offer to "Customer A" who lives within 50 miles of your store and browsed your site for 10 minutes, looking at two specific products. In the same campaign, send an email populated with other offers to "Customer B" who lives in the US, browsed in one category on your site, and looked at Product X for five minutes—emails dynamically built for every recipient and all built on the fly.

How Do We Do That?

"Cells" can consist of graphics, text, or live product pulled directly from your website (See Figure 1). They are then connected to specific "Triggers" based on data collected from a user's browsing history on your site. (See Figure 2)

Drive specific offers to specific customers based on specific data! That's DynamicEmail by CLI!

CLI can help you maximize your email campaign ROI by offering what your customers want.

Now is the time to start using DynamicEmail!

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