[ Optimization ]

Seeking Optimization

In programming, we think of optimization as writing code in as few lines as possible to minimize the time required for programs to run while maximizing their efficiencies. In marketing, we look for the promotions that will give away the least amount of discount and generate the highest level of sales in order to optimize gross profit. In circulation planning, we seek the combination of fewest contacts for greatest level of conversion. In design, the desired status is the perfect balance between production speed and artistic expression. We build web sites and tag words to them in order for search engines to send us the maximum number of browsers who are specifically interested in our products. In everyday life, we think of this as seeking the most bang for the buck. In all areas, the quest to optimize is the formula for success.

CLI offers many tools to help you optimize your sales and marketing. To optimize your marketing spending, we provide matchback, MatchXL and March360. These tools provide alternatives for you to associate the orders you receive with the marketing channels that you invested in which provides you a roadmap for how to optimize marketing spending in the future.

Hindsight is another tool that enables optimizing your marketing programs. With Hindsight, you look at past campaigns and make adjustments in the customers you might have included or excluded in the campaign. Then, we provide immediate feedback about the changes in results that you could expect.

If you use print materials in your marketing mix, we provide an array of Customer Acquisition and Development services. With the high and continually increasing cost of delivering printed marketing materials, along with the growing challenges of finding new customers, optimizing your print circulation efforts proves more critical than ever. With the latest in list hygiene, merge-purge, postal optimization, pre-sorts, co-mailing, and other mail prep services, we can help you get the most bang for your buck in your postal costs.

With our Enterprise Email services, we handle everything from email design to deployment to analysis. Are you using automated emails to welcome new customers, to re-engage customers who abandon carts or abandon browsing sessions, and to contact customers in dozens of other opportunities? You should. Automated triggered emails are among the most productive emails you can send, and we can get you set up to send them.

For a free snapshot of how well you are optimizing your customer database, look at Health Check. We will analyze your marketing database and provide a quick but valuable overview of how well you do at obtaining new customers and retaining your previous customers.

Multi-channel marketers seem to agree that good photography sells more merchandise. If you need to show your merchandise from all sides, consider 360° photography to increase customer understanding of your products, to prompt additional purchases, and to reduce returns. For catalogs and other print design, we offer online proofing that allows you to access your layouts from anywhere with an internet connection, and you receive automatic updates when changes affect your projects. CLI provides extensive training for clients to help assure the best use of time and resources—all designed to increase your profits and make CLI the best partner for designing and delivering your print media.

If you are looking for opportunities to optimize your business, please get in touch with us.