creative digital solutions
Experts in marketing, analytics, design, and programming.
[ Personify ]
Individualized Targeted Descriptions
Moving from Conjecture to Knowledge.
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[ matchback ]
foundational solid dependable
traditional captured source analytics
actionable attribution analytics
moving from conjecture to knowledge
complete amazing extreme
setting the standard for analytics
[ Ideation & Design ]
Innovative, original creation.
Moving from thought to reality.
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[ enterprise email services ]
fast. powerful. effective.
Consulting, design, deployment, and analysis of bulk, transactional, and triggered emails
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[ hindsight ]
One click campaign analysis.
'What if' results instantly and simplified.
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[ Acquisition ]
The New Customer Acquisition Crisis
Solutions and Support
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[ Allocation ]
The Order Allocation Conundrum
Three Solutions to the Puzzle
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[ Optimization ]
Growth Verses Profits
Finding the Perfect Balance
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[ Retention ]
Retention Redefined
New Approaches to Identify Purchase Intentions
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[ Conversions ]
Challenging Conversion Dynamics
Closing the Sale
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[ Big Data ]
Megabytes and Gigabytes and Terabytes, Oh My!
Taming Big Data